You’ll Want to Have All Eyes on These Fabulous Mascara Tricks!

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Mascara is my favorite way to make my eyes pop! How about you? Image courtesy

It took me a while to fully embrace the wonder and magic that is mascara. I have to give the credit to my days as a Theme Park Performer; I had some very talented ( and patient ) teachers in our Company’s Cosmetology Department who were more than eager to teach me a few tips and tricks. It was life-changing for me; no longer did I have an issue with over-smudging, clumping and funky-looking falsies.

Here are a few game-changing tricks I’ve learned over the years:

Apply using a zig-zag pattern, rather than brushing your mascara wand up and down

When you apply your mascara this way, it cuts down on the clumping and over-stacked look. Wiggling the wand back and forth as you apply your mascara helps evenly distribute the product so you get not only a fuller, but more natural looking application. This is especially great for the bottom lashes specifically.

Instead of applying your false eyelashes on the upper lash, place them underneath your lashes.

This is going to get rid of that tell-tale false eyelash line, and it actually feels better this way. I learned this trick when I was performing a face role in a theme park seven days a week. It helped me get more uses out of my lashes as well. I was reminded about this tip in an article I read over on

Wondering what eyelash brand we used? None other than KISS, of course! It’s definitely a go-to and theme park industry standard.

Use a Primer

Primer is the magic word for just about anything makeup application related this days, and there’s a good reason why. Using primers helps your product go on more seamlessly and last longer, thus saving you time ( and money in the long run ). Some mascaras have built in primers, and others are specifically meant for priming.

The shape of the brush is going to determine the dynamic of the look

Always check the brush out. A bigger brush is going to give you chunkier lashes. Some brushes are meant to separate the lashes more, others to help curl it while applying.

There you have it: four easy ways to up your lash game without going off into super-complicated tutorial land.
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If you’re in the market for a new mascara, I definitely suggest checking out Physician’s Formula. This higher end drugstore brand offers a very wide variety when it comes to their mascaras. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Physician’s Formula Lash Contortist Mascara in Black-Brown: This has a volumizing and lengthening brush which gives you fullness and definition.
  2. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara in Fake-Out ( Ultra Black ) and Work-It ( Ultra Black ).  The Organic wear is the first ever mascara which features one hundred percent lash extension fibers of natural origin. It amplifies lash volume, length and curl. The brush also is cool because it creates a false eyelash effect ( which is super in vogue these days ).
  3. Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Cat-Eye Mascara: This is super gorgeous and is going to give you a full, false eyelash effect as well.

Which mascara do you use? We would love to see! Use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK to connect with us on FacebookInstagramand Twitter!

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