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Face wash verses soap: the great debate! Let’s face it (pun intended), whatever product we use on our skin needs to work with our skin type, with that being said, let’s take a dive into the world of facial cleansers.
Here’s a little backstory of how I even learned the difference. Growing up I was one of those lucky kids; I rarely got a pimple and never had to deal with the horrors of acne. I used whatever soap was lying around the bathroom sink or shower for a quick cleanse. I stayed with this skincare routine for years, until one day in my early 20’s I noticed my skin started getting oily. I spent a few months convincing myself that it was just a phase, and my skin would go back to normal. Months had passed and my oily skin was getting worse, little pimples and whiteheads started to appear. Seeing as things were not improving in the least, I started stressing out. Just like every twenty-something year old, I started looking for the cause and solution of my face freak out.

Lo and behold… the culprit was SOAP!!! Please, I repeat, do not use bar soap on your face unless it is specified as face friendly. All those years that I was washing my face with random soap, I was stripping away natural oils the skin produces, which caused my face to become dry/irritated. In return to combat the dry skin, my body starting producing excessive amounts oil to compensate for the natural oils that were being stripped away constantly. My face became a combination of a dry/oily mess, and all I could think about was the onset of wrinkles that were soon to follow if I didn’t solve this ASAP. After reading up and doing some research, I started to use Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cleanser.
Ladies, let me tell you, this face wash is from the heavens! It is everything that I should have been using to keep my skin looking young and fresh. Below are just some of the reasons it is the best face wash in Pakistan:

  • Thoroughly cleanses skin and removes makeup without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils
  • Dissolves excess oil, dirt, and debris
  • PH-balanced to maintain skin’s natural balance

There are many beauty brands in Pakistan, but Kiehl’s takes the top spot for skin care, a trusted brand for over 165 years.

So my final thoughts, stay away from skin drying bar soaps and invest in facial cleanser that will leave your skin looking young and supple. Available exclusively at

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