Zaura 24K Rose Beauty Oil – How I Became A Believer

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Beauty oils have been all the rage in skincare and makeup trends for a while now. By nature, I’m someone who is just immediately skeptic of any trend that is catching on, and so I wasn’t very enthusiastic about facial oils from the get-go.

Asal me when I was a kid, my skin used to lack moisture, because I didn’t have the healthiest water drinking routine. And so the skin of my hands, and my face, always seemed parched. This led my mom to grab the blue tin that used to be in every desi household – NIVEA, and grease my face with the thick, rich cream – which in turn turned left a greasy feel on my face and hands. 

Ugh, I can still feel it. I have had a deeeep dislike of any skincare product that leaves behind a greasy film ever since.

However, it wasn’t too long ago that I discovered the wonderful benefits of oils used for skincare – my specific favorite was virgin coconut oil (which moisturises and penetrates the layers of your skin leaving it wonderfully hydrated!) Hence, I wasn’t completely dismissing of specially formulated facial oils.

When I first came across Zauria, I was intrigued. The beauty oil is a deemed a “powerhouse” formula of rich ingredients that nourish the skin. The infusion of 24k gold adds luxury to the already gorgeous product. The rose oil is sourced from organically grown roses in Bulgarian Rose Valley, and the 24K gold is sourced from the U.S.A, with the purity confirmed through strictest production standards.

I mainly used Zauria at night, on cleansed skin before going to sleep. Immediately within 3 to 4 days I could feel my skin turning slightly even toned, smooth and soft. There also seemed to be a glow, and I looked well rested (even when I mostly am not).

However, Zauria really gained my trust when I actually took a break from it.

Sometimes you unintentionally break a skincare routine, and I unconsciously hadn’t used Zauria since a week or so. I have a skin condition called Psoriasis around my lips and on my hands, and when it flares up, patches of skin become really dry, itchy, scaly and stingy. You need to keep yourself well moisturised and avoid dust and dryness. Only some specific moisturizers and treatments can help relieve it.

It recently flared up for me at night, incidentally just a while before I was about to go through my nightly skincare routine. And so, when I reached for my bottle of Zauria, magic happened.

As soon as I put Zauria on my face, I felt it soothe my psoriasis immediately. The extremely dry patches around my lips and stinginess went away, the redness decreased and everything returned to normal – within 5 minutes! I was astonished. I immediately applied Zauria on the affected areas of my hands as well – and voila, same fantastic results!

I was amazed at these (almost instant) anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of Zauria. It was most likely the pure Rosehip oil and Vitamin E that helped tone my flare up down, but there are many wonderful ingredients Zauria is formulated with.

It provides anti-aging, skin tone evening benefits and firms your skin, with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D and Omega 3, 6, & 9. Of course, there are added benefits of Rosehip oil (anti-inflammatory) and 24k Gold (stimulates cell growth, anti ageing and adds glow).

Zauria is currently not available in Pakistan – but it will soon be exclusively launched only at!


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