Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss - Glossy star


Gloss & tooth-brightening effect gel for a dazzling Hollywood smile! 

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Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss - Glossy star 351022

A must-have lipgloss duo with two actions in one:
1. A tooth-brightening effect gel to apply directly onto the teeth.
Gentle on tooth enamel, its formula is enriched with blue coloured pearls and brightening agents for an instant result.
Designed for daily use and even better, it leaves a fresh breath sensation too!
2. A dazzling lipgloss to apply onto the lips formulated with
“White Focus” pigments to enhance tooth brightness instantly.
: An instant tooth-brightening effect and a dazzling smile!
Available in 6 shades, to enhance your smile and make your teeth look even brighter! 

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