Zauria 24K Marula - 24K Gold Beauty Oil - 40ml

24K MARULA by ZAURIA is so pure it is made with only 4 skin-loving ingredients. Our Organic Marula is harvested from Mother Earth and is Virgin Cold-Pressed, a method that ensures the beneficial properties of the oil are not lost during extraction. 24K Marula is an ultra-hydrating nutrient rich formula that will rejuvenate your skin in a naturally luxurious way At Just4girls.
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Zauria 24K Marula 24K Gold Beauty Oil 40ml ZAURIA has created a botanical powerhouse formula of vitamin rich + antioxidant rich + skin loving ingredients. This 24K gold infused beauty oil moisturizes the skin with the finest ingredients mother earth has to offer, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. Our rose oil is organically grown in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, where the unique environment cultivates the highest quality rose oil in the world. Our 24K gold is sourced from the U.S.A. and abides by the strictest production standards of purity.
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